Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monster trucks

Thank goodness for ear plugs. It was a blast, but could have been a headache if we had not thought to bring ear plugs. The kids thought it was better than they expected and are looking forward to next year in the hopes of going again. On a different note involving Ken and the van. He took a drive to borrow a saw and was on the freeway when something flew off the van. he didn't stop at that time, but on the way home he decided to look for the object. Amazingly he found it in one piece. That was super lucky since he didn't know what he was looking for. I will rewind to a few hours earlier when we took a walk and Conner wanted to ride home ahead of us so he asked for the garage door opener. He opened the door and placed the opener next to the windshield wiper on the van. Needles to say that when Ken found it the batteries were gone, but it had not been run over. Hopefully, I can make it to the store, when everyone stops throwing up, and it will work again. The day after Ken picked up the saw I took the girls to the grocery store. I turned the first corner and heard Abree scream "MOM." I looked back to not see her. Ken was unsure how big the saw was the day before so he unbuckled the car seat and put the seat down. The seat and car seat looked like they had not been moved. When I turned the corner the car seat fell completely sideways on the seat with Abree buckled in. She was like a turtle that could not roll over. It was a good laugh for me. I think Abree was a little shaken.
It wouldn't be Spring without a little sickness. Abree and Brenna both threw up yesterday within 10 minutes of each other getting all my clothes and the floor. I decided today would be a good time to start shampooing the carpet in sections so I started with the part that Abree nailed yesterday. It is filled up and ready to go if anyone else decides to hurl. At least the older kids cna go outside and get some fresh air to avoid some of the germs.

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