Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monster trucks

Thank goodness for ear plugs. It was a blast, but could have been a headache if we had not thought to bring ear plugs. The kids thought it was better than they expected and are looking forward to next year in the hopes of going again. On a different note involving Ken and the van. He took a drive to borrow a saw and was on the freeway when something flew off the van. he didn't stop at that time, but on the way home he decided to look for the object. Amazingly he found it in one piece. That was super lucky since he didn't know what he was looking for. I will rewind to a few hours earlier when we took a walk and Conner wanted to ride home ahead of us so he asked for the garage door opener. He opened the door and placed the opener next to the windshield wiper on the van. Needles to say that when Ken found it the batteries were gone, but it had not been run over. Hopefully, I can make it to the store, when everyone stops throwing up, and it will work again. The day after Ken picked up the saw I took the girls to the grocery store. I turned the first corner and heard Abree scream "MOM." I looked back to not see her. Ken was unsure how big the saw was the day before so he unbuckled the car seat and put the seat down. The seat and car seat looked like they had not been moved. When I turned the corner the car seat fell completely sideways on the seat with Abree buckled in. She was like a turtle that could not roll over. It was a good laugh for me. I think Abree was a little shaken.
It wouldn't be Spring without a little sickness. Abree and Brenna both threw up yesterday within 10 minutes of each other getting all my clothes and the floor. I decided today would be a good time to start shampooing the carpet in sections so I started with the part that Abree nailed yesterday. It is filled up and ready to go if anyone else decides to hurl. At least the older kids cna go outside and get some fresh air to avoid some of the germs.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Thoroughly Modern Millie

We took a risk and took the whole family to a middle school play on Sat. night. It was Thoroughly Modern Millie about a girl going from rags to riches. The kids were great and Brenna sat through the whole thing clapping when everyone else clapped. Conner's favorite part was the brownie that we got at intermission. We are taking the three older kids to the monster truck show tomorrow. Abree covered her ears at the play and I think she will be afraid of the trucks so the little ones are staying home.
Abree is full of wonderful and cute sayings. She had a conversation with Ken before bed the other night and told Ken that his eyes were blue, her eyes were blue and Brenna's eyes were orange. She is getting her colors down,but i don't know where the orange came from. Brenna's eyes are gray according to the doctor. Every time I take her in to get her well child the Dr. looks at my eyes, Abrees, and then Brenna's. He says he doesn't know what color to call them and settles on gray.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Brenna is now 10 months old. She loves to stand on her own and twirl her hands. She loves to clap and wave to anyone that looks at her. She will walk by shaking her shoulders which in turn makes her legs move forward like she is doing a jig. Her favorite thing to eat is paper. She took a bite out of Conner's spelling words last week. Conner could use the excuse to his teacher that his sister ate his homework. She has had legos, paper, food, fuzzy's and amything else that she can find taken out of her mouth. She also crawls as fast as she can when she sees the laundry basket and loves to pull the laundry out fast as I can fold them. Her brothers and sisters love to chase her and say "I am going to get you" then she squeals and crawls as fast as she can to get away.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Who would have thought something so little could be so painful. I started having pain last Tuesday Feb. 2nd and to make a long story short had my gallbladder taken out on Wednesday Feb. 10th. I am feeling a lot better and able to do a lot of things except pick up Brenna. She is over the 10 pound limit. I have had a lot of help from my mom who came from ID and Ken went to work one day this week. The hardest thing is when Brenna is crying for me and I can't pick her up. She has been a trooper with not being able to nurse for almost a day and taking more bottles than she has ever taken in her life. I should continue to heal and am looking forward to being able to shower again tomorrow. A sponge bath just isn't the same and my abdomen looks like tanning gone wrong from the iodine used for surgery. I appreciate friends and family and all the offers of meals and babysitting. I have felt so much better with my gallbladder out than I felt with it in.
On a lighter note while I was in the hospital Abree found my stash of her swimsuits and she has already tried on two of them today. I hid them so I could get her dressed and not turn around to leave the house and see her in her swimsuit. It is time to hide them again.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

We got a new computer the day after Thanksgiving and I have felt a little handicapped with getting information and pictures to the new computer. Ken did stand in line all night in the pouring rain under an umbrella to score the computer. He called it an "adventure" and he also finished the book he had been reading.
In other news Sebrina turned seven and is in senior primary now because our ward is so large. Abree turned three and instantly thinks she is big enough to carry Brenna everywhere. She is also quickly becoming mischievous by getting into Brenna's teething tablets, knocking cheesecakes, and cookies onto the floor. Ken is now the Assistant Cub Scoutmaster and in nursery. I am the second counselor in the primary presidency. Conner and Cadin had their first piano recital last week and their first pinewood derby where they placed second and third. The three oldest are playing indoor soccer and in gymnastics. Abree would love to do all of these and am considering putting her in gymnastics because she does donkey kicks very well and headstands on the couch. Brenna is crawling everywhere now and she pulls herself up to standing position. She is 17 lbs today at her 9 month checkup and in the 25th percentile for her height and the 15th for her weight. She twirls her hands and feet when she is excited and loves to clap. Ken and I also hit our ten year anniversary. It doesn't seem like we have known each other for thirteen years now and married for ten. Time flies when you're having fun.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's great to be 8!

Cadin and Conner and their first day of Cub Scouts and their baptism.

Their birthday party. It has been a wonderful eight years. They are growing into remarkable young men and future missionaries. We love you Conner and Cadin.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I am trying to get on the ball and get the pictures printed and into the computer a little faster. I
also want to scrapbook them as soon as I print them. I am thinking that the kids will be able to help a little that might make it go a little faster. We have had a fun summer. Here are the three on the same soccer team. Great grandma has seen Brenna a couple of times so far. I wish she was going to see her more often, but there are no more trips planned to IF again until possibly Christmas. Abree loves to walk with Grandma Hemmer especially along the greenbelt in Idaho Falls.

All of the cousins at the Brown family reunion. They were on an adventure with Tricia and Jason at the cabin in Heber. The kids loved running around with their aunts and uncles. Conner and Cadin were each buried in the sand at Deer Creek reservoir by Provo.

Abree loves to lead Spencer to where she thinks he needs to go. This is at the Snake River in Idaho Falls.

Brenna is smiling now and she giggled for the first time two day ago. She is growing up too fast. This is the best that I have gotten so far of her smiling.

Abree is just a doll. Her hair is long enough to put it in two ponytails. She also knows how to pose for a picture.